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Wiring Harness

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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There are generally two types of wiring harnesses available for outboard engines. Using a harness can greatly ease the process involved with connecting a full electrical system, especially in modern boats that include an extensive electrical control system. Using a wiring harness can likewise ease disassembly, as well, making repairs and troubleshooting a snap.

The most widely used type of wiring harness is for all the main controls in the electrical system. They connect near the console, and allow simple and quick access for connecting new gauges, controls, or electrical components. Most harnesses come with a generous supply or wire, often up to 20 feet in length.

The other main type of wiring harness in use right now is a harness for trim and tilt motors. Many trim and tilt system include wiring harnesses, and most manufacturers produce replacement harnesses as well. Trim harnesses are usually a little less expensive than all-control harnesses.

Researching Wiring Harnesses

The most complete, objective information can usually be found on Internet boating forums. These websites are dedicated to the sharing and comparing of information regarding outboards, stern drives, and other marine equipment. Parts vendors should also be able to supply you with information directly from the manufacturers regarding different wiring harnesses.

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