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12v Rv Lighting

Written by James Lyons
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12V RV lighting or 12 Volt RV lighting can make or break the ambiance of your rig. You can go with a low profile look, a subtle look by installing some 12V dome lights or you can go a little more formal and install some 12V interior brass lights. Both get the job done but both deliver entirely different messages. Familiarize yourself with 12V RV lighting.

You should make it a priority to keep spare RV lights in storage when decide to spend any length of time on the road. Most people keep spare bulbs and lights at home in case the power goes out or a bulb blows. Why treat your RV any different. You have to remember that this vehicle is now your home and it should be treated accordingly.

Enhancing Your RV's Interior with 12V RV Lighting

At its most arcane, inhabiting a recreational vehicle-be it with Coleman stoves, an instabed, and SUV tent or with a 48 foot bus conversion with brass 12V lights-is an exercise in basic survival. If you trek out to the wilderness, you need to make sure you are properly stocked with food, water, propane tanks, and other essential supplies. Even the most luxurious RVs require responsible owners. The house takes care of you and you take care of the house (on wheels).

Decorating your RV and finding the right RV furniture should not be as stressful as decorating your permanent home. For those of you who are full-timers and part-timers, you might take a little more time picking out the right furniture for your rig. I am not suggesting that you vacationers take any less care in selecting your RV furniture; I am simply saying that function and durability should be the top two priorities.

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