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5th Wheel Hitch

Written by James Lyons
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If you have a 5th wheel trailer, chances are you may need a new 5th wheel hitch because these devices absorb serious stress on the road. Some 5th wheel trailers rival the biggest motorhomes on the market so it's important to own a hitch that will stand the test of time. A good, sturdy 5th wheel hitch is a safety device as well as a towing device and buying one should be taken with great care and scrutiny.

Travel trailers and pop-ups are hitched to the back of your car, but Fifth Wheel Hitches mount to a special component in the bed of a pick-up truck. This specific arrangement typically requires a compatible towing vehicle with some considerable towing power. Like the run-of-the-mill travel trailer, Fifth Wheel Hitches offer their owners the flexibility to unhitch the RV and take the truck around sightseeing or to more remote areas.

5th Wheel Hitches and Jacks

Let's face it, at times things can go wrong on a vacation. In fact, things often go wrong on a vacation and it's those people who come prepared who are able to have fun in spite of the little adversities life throws at us. If you need to level your rig, check it out, or change a tire, you will need a durable, strong, easy-to-use jack in storage and ready to use.

Since most RVs are literally homes on wheels, it's sometimes easy to forget things like camper jacks, propane, oil, and other essentials. We remember food and water, and snacks and card games and maps and movies, but we fail to forget the things that will help get us there and the things that we keep us there safely. Check out an RV supply store or the respective online website to see what camper jacks best suit your RV needs.

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