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Camper Covers

Written by James Lyons
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To protect the life of your motorhome or trailer hook-up, please check out some different camper covers. RVing means being exposed to the so-called elements which includes more than rain, sleet and snow. The sun (UV rays) tree sap, bird droppings, mud, wind, sand and pollution all work against the life of your RV. Most RVs stores offer various covers to guard your rig from all the things I just listed.

Depending on your rig and your needs, you can either purchase a form cover or a custom cover for your RV. ADCO makes excellent custom covers if you have a little extra to spend and SFS Aqua-shed manufactures brilliant covers that will help preserve your RVs surface. A number of covers even enable you to enter and leave the rig while the camper covers the RV.

Camper Covers and the Desert

Several miles east of Phoenix, Arizona, there is a place called Apache Junction where over two hundred thousand RVers (snowbirds) arrive and stay every winter. These RVers literally quadruple the population of this Phoenix suburb in a matter of weeks. Having been to Apache Junction a few times, I once asked a snowbird from Fargo, ND, why he and his wife chose to live there every winter. He responded, "Have you ever been to Fargo in the Winter?"

Protecting your RV from the so-called "elements" can be a challenge, especially considering the areas many RVers like to frequent. Our rigs are constantly bombarded by Mother Nature's fury so we need to take effective measure to preserve the life of our RVs. Camper covers, motor home covers, and RV tire covers all play an integral part in extending the life of your rig.

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