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Car Top Cargo Carriers

Written by James Lyons
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Sometimes my wife and I simply load up our car top cargo carriers and head to the beach for a couple of days. Our car trunk is always full, so we rely on these waterproof carriers to keep our baggage safe and dry. The storage space in these car top cargo carriers is deceptively big and they fold up for easy storage when not in use.

I don't think I have ever found a car trunk big enough for my family's luggage. Instead of piling luggage into the car's interior, we finally shelled out the fifty bucks for a two car top cargo carriers, one for each car. This did not solve the problem but it made it much more manageable.

I've Written Enough on Car Top Cargo Carriers

In general, you should spend less on a travel trailer than you would on a full blown RV. Travel trailers pose other advantages: flexible floor plans, overall flexibility, long life span, and detachable. The only real disadvantage is the hassle of hitching, unhitching, and towing these rigs.

Why do humans crave adventure so much? Why do we constantly feel the need to move around? As technology evolves and RVs evolve, our innate nature remains the same. Like infants and toddlers, all people long for a sense of discovery in their lives-be it about themselves, other people, or their environments. That's what keeps life interesting and that's why RVing is so popular in this country.

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