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Cast Iron Cookware

Written by James Lyons
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Aside from making an excellent impromptu weapon, cast iron cookware still reins supreme among campers. People have been using cast iron cookware for centuries to cook their food, and for good reason. Cast iron is massively strong, more durable and retains heat longer than normal cookware. Functional and durable are two qualities campers crave.

A good cast iron skillet, if properly cared for, will last generations. I currently have two in my kitchen: a 10-incher that purchase from an RV store about eight years ago and use almost daily, and a 12-inch heavy-duty big dog that, with its lid on, weighs about fifteen pounds. I use this monster to fry chicken and prepare large meals for friends and family.

Cast Iron Cookware Has Been Around

Americans have been equipping their cars and trucks with cooking and sleeping facilities ever since the first Model T Ford rolled off the assembly line. In fact, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone and Thomas Edison, used to go on camping excursions together. Before they would hit the road, they would outfit the car with the best camping equipment available at the time. They turned the Model T into an RV.

There are even catalogs out there that can help you find different games to entertain you while you are on the road. When I was growing up, my family taught us to play different card games to pass the time-spades, hearts, and go-fish to name a few. Some RV catalogs actually list and sell different games for both children and adults, games that will keep the vacation alive and fun.

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