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Coleman Camp Stove

Written by James Lyons
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If you want to fully enjoy your camping trip, you should consider bringing a camp stove, like a Coleman Camp Stove, a leader in camping equipment. In fact, Coleman has a line of camp stoves that performs the function of several different cooking items. Coleman camp stoves continue to be regarded as the best on the market, ensuring a delicious feast at every meal.

One of the most exciting things about camping and RVing is the food you eat-barbecue, eggs, steaks, sandwiches. Coleman has a line of camp stoves that can grill steaks, fry eggs and perk coffee. Their stoves are efficient, easy to clean, and work in just about any weather condition you throw at it.

In Addition to Coleman Camp Stoves ...

When you are hiking up in the Rocky Mountains around during the early spring months, you will appreciate the value of a good water heater and a good RV heater. Even in late March, April, and May, the Rocky Mountains get pretty cold at night and you could be in for a frigid stay if you fail to maintain your heaters. Make sure to pick one up that's easy to install and manage, one that will last you a while.

The first RVing club in the United States was the "Tin Can Tourists." They gave themselves the name "tin can" for a very simple reason-the old RVs looked like giant tin cans rolling down the road. In any event, this club was founded in 1919, and by the 1930s, over two hundred thousand men and women populated this club. RVing was and remains to be a way of life for many Americans.

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