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Written by James Lyons
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The Coolmatic 50 Series is easy on the pocket and solves individual cooling situations. It allows wasted storage space to be transformed into a refrigerator, or replaces the cooling unit of an ageing existing refrigerator. Thanks to its compact dimensions and sealed valve couplings, Coolmatics are quick and easy to install. The dynamically vented wire condenser ensures reliable cooling even at high outside temperatures.

Most RV appliances on the market offer the same function and reliability as your home units. Recreational vehicle units do tend to run a little smaller than at-home appliances but they still accomplish the same things. Often times RV appliances run more efficiently than at home appliances because they are designed to run on limited power. Having a refrigerator, washer, dryer, and/or dishwasher makes for a convenient trip.

Coolmatics Work Well in the Desert

For those RVers who like to visit the hot spots (literally) like the deserts of Arizona or areas along the Gulf of Mexico, camper air conditioners could save your life. The newer air conditioners use less power and provide more cooling power. When you visit the sultry Gulf Coast, there is no substitute for good caper air conditioners. You should also look into fans and other energy saving options.

It's interesting to note some of the different terms associated with RVers across the United States and Canada. I have mentioned the terms part-timers, full-timers, and vacationers. Well, within the "part-timer" segment, there is a group of RVers known as snowbirds. These adventurous travelers live in colder climates and usually hit the road in their RVs during the cold winter months and explore the warmer climates, much like the many beautiful snowbirds flying south for the winter.

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