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Fold-away Tables

Written by James Lyons
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Playing a little five card draw on fold-away tables is a lovely way to spend some time when you're out camping. Fold-away tables are absolutely perfect for campers because most are easy to assemble and easy to store. Tables can be obtrusive furniture in an RV, especially if the table is a permanent fixture in the space. This is fine if you own a 40 foot monster, but the rest of us should explore more plausible options.

Travel trailers and pop-ups are hitched to the back of your car, but Fifth Wheel Hitches mount to a special component in the bed of a pick-up truck. This specific arrangement typically requires a compatible towing vehicle with some considerable towing power. Like the run-of-the-mill travel trailer, Fifth Wheel Hitches offer their owners the flexibility to unhitch the RV and take the truck around sightseeing or to more remote areas.

Fold-Away Tables and Storage

Motorhomes typically offer little storage space, so if you decide to bring bikes, or hiking equipment, or fishing gear, or anything else that's potentially bulky, you will need room. My suggestion is to outfit you rig with as many space saving devices as possible, like a bike rack. The space taken up by bikes can be used for other things, and who wants to move a bike around every time you stroll through the cabin?

Honda RV generators are still among the best on the market today. Most of us realize that when it comes to designing and manufacturing engines, few companies can hold a candle to Honda. With further advances being made, Honda has new lines of generators that operate more discreetly and efficiently than ever before.

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