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Hitch Carriers

Written by James Lyons
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If you are like me and my wife, you either need more storage space now or you will need it soon. Either way, hitch carriers will help solve the problem in a very simple way. These devices mount on your hitch and provide up to and in some cases more than twelve cubic feet of storage space. Unlike the hitch haul, the hitch carrier closes making it a bit more secure.

If you have some items of value, you can store them in hitch carriers because most come outfitted with a lock and two sets of keys. I am one of those paranoid people so I like to keep my valuables locked away. Most carriers are also water resistant and largely weather-proof, further protecting the items you choose to store. Furthermore, these storage units are incredibly easy to load and unload.

Enough on Hitch Carriers and More General Info on RVs

Today, there are so many types of RVs and RV accessories available it would take a team of writers a year to mention them all. Winnebago, Teton, Airstream, Newell, and Bluebird are just a few of the many manufacturers of RVs in today market and all offer an array of floor plans and options that could make your head spin. Some rigs are the size of a school bus and others as little as a VM bug.

Have you ever seen those bus drivers or big-rig drivers with bulging biceps and massive forearms? Fortunately, you don't need to be blessed with incredible brawn to drive a recreational vehicle, not even a big one. RVs come equipped with power steering and power brakes and a vast majority of them have an automatic transmission so you don't have to futz with changing gears.

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