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Hitch Haul

Written by James Lyons
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The hitch haul allows those of us with limited storage space some extra room to cart around our camping equipment and other accessories. You can load up folding chairs, bikes, ice chests, Bladez scooters, and more as long as it fits and you can secure it. Hitch hauls can usually carry up to and over 500 pounds of stuff and will remain hitched to your car through thick and thin.

Storage space was always an issue with my wife and I when we were on the road. This simple device, however, helped solve this long-standing problem. We keep adding newer and better toys but we fail to get rid of the old stuff. Therefore, our RV is a veritable storage unit and I have every RV space saving device known to man.

Where to Find a Hitch Haul

Depending on what you need, you can find all the camper parts you need at RV stores in your local area or RV stores online. These days, all one has to do is point and click and two days later they will have new camper covers and camper jacks on their doorsteps. Certain catalogs exist that can also help the newly indoctrinated RVers make smart buys.

In general, RVs fall into two different groups-those with an engine and those without an engine, the latter requiring a towing vehicle with the power to pull it. RVs that have an engine, the ones that people drive, are typically called "motorhomes," and the ones that have to be towed are usually called "trailers." However, many of the same RV appliance and camper parts are transferable.

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