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Magic Chef Range

Written by James Lyons
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The Magic Chef range gives the same convenience and high performance as a conventional kitchen stove. The oven displayed on this page features a built-in broiler and multi-position racks. Basically if you like to cook and enjoy food while you travel, this might be something to read more about. In addition, these models were designed with motion in mind so they make little to no noise when the RV is moving.

Back in 1988, the show 20/20 aired a story on RVing in the United States and they estimated that over two hundred thousand families regarded themselves as full-timers. Most of these families consisted of retirees, but this information was quite indicative of a shift in the way people retire. Many of these hardcore RVers outfitted their rigs with Magic Chef Ranges and other high end cooking appliances.

Is the Magic Chef Range Magic?

Owning or renting an RV is an excellent way to answer a bunch of your travel questions right away. Where will we be staying? Answer: In the RV. How will we get to where we're going? Answer: The RV. Will we have enough money to take an extended trip? Answer: we will save several hundred dollars by eliminating air fare, hotel costs, and bring meals to cook in the RV. What if we get bored? Answer: we will pick up camp and go to another location.

The need for space is the one issue RVers consistently complain about, especially those traveling with families. Folding furniture will help solve that problem-folding chairs, folding tables, RV folding beds. Manufacturers of these products do not compromise looks when designing folding furniture. So, those of you who like to keep a nice looking rig need not worry.

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