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Motor Home Accessories

Written by James Lyons
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So, you are strolling around your motor home and you suddenly realize something is missing, that you need some motor home accessories to spruce things up a bit. Maybe your bike needs a bike rack for RV or perhaps your RV mirrors don't quite provide enough vision for the driver. Whatever your need is, have a look around and make a list of the different motor home accessories your rig could use.

I treat my rig a little like a friend, better yet, a child. Children need nourishment, love, attention, and, let's face it, material things. The more you provide, typically the better the child performs-in school, in athletics, in the arts, with his/her chores, etc. The same goes for your RV-the better you treat it, the better it will perform. In addition, it will last longer and serve your needs for as long as you need it to.

Motor Home Accessories Apply to All Forms of RVs

Within the two overall group-motorhomes and trailers-there are smaller groups worth noting. Motorhomes can be subdivided into the following categories: Class A, Class C, custom vehicles, van conversions and pick-up based campers. Trailers can be subdivided into these following categories: park models, travel models, 5th wheel hitch, and pop-ups. We can further divide these categories, but I don't want to confuse you.

A number of vacationers decide to rent RVs every year to avoid the disadvantages of owning one-large monthly payments, repairs, storage, etc. Also, many potential buyers first decide to rent a rig and do a little traveling to see if RVing is the type of thing that is compatible with their needs. Most of us who still work nine to five jobs don't have the time to maintain an RV, so we rent one when we have some time off and trek across the American landscape.

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