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Norcold Rv Refrigerators

Written by James Lyons
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Norcold RV Refrigerators and Freezers are symbols of efficiency. The portable dual voltage Norcold Refrigerator/Freezers converts from a refrigerator to freezer with the simple turn of the dial. The power regulators on Norcold RV refrigerators pull twenty percent less ampage on 12V batteries which means for less battery drain and more available power.

Until scientists and farmers come up with a better system, most food still has to be kept at a certain temperature if you don't want it to spoil. Sure, we have canned food and dried food, but the best food is fresh and organic. These foods require a great refrigerator, one that seals, one that is accurate, and one that provides plenty of space for the other foods to hang out.

Enough About Norcold RV Refrigerators

RVers can be divided into three distinct groups: full-timers, part-timers, and vacationers. Vacationers, such as myself, will take a week, maybe two, sometimes three, and hit the road catching various sites across the country and into Canada. Part-timers and full-timers spend a good bit more time in their rigs. As you can probably ascertain from the term "full-timer," these enthusiasts live in their RVs year-round, choosing an adventurous life on the road rather than the sedentary existence most of us are used to.

A number of vacationers decide to rent RVs every year to avoid the disadvantages of owning one-large monthly payments, repairs, storage, etc. Also, many potential buyers first decide to rent a rig and do a little traveling to see if RVing is the type of thing that is compatible with their needs. Most of us who still work nine to five jobs don't have the time to maintain an RV, so we rent one when we have some time off and trek across the American landscape.

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