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Popup Camper Accessories

Written by James Lyons
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Do you need some popup camper accessories? Is your popup trailer lacking in style? In all seriousness, popup trailers are the smallest, lightest trailers available and represent an excellent medium for those looking to ease their way into RVing. These RVs are typically cheaper than other RVs because of their light weight and absence of major frills, but they can be towed by smaller vehicles.

Some specific popup camper accessories include bike racks designed to mount on top of your popup. Also, there are RV covers and RV awnings specifically designed to accommodate popup trailers. In addition, smaller refrigerators and other small RV appliances fit well in popup trailers. Most popup trailers can be stored in a garage or extra parking space making them incredibly convenient camping options.

Popup Camper Accessories and RV History

The smallest and lightest of the many different travel trailers are the pop-up trailers. Today, there is seemingly an infinite number of popup camper accessories to choose from if this is the route (no pun intended) you want to go. Because they are small and light, pop-ups can usually be towed by an average-sized family car. This is a great way to get started RVing.

The history of RVing in the United States nearly parallels the history of the automobile. It seems that as soon as Americans starting buying Model Ts, they began coming up with ideas how to expand the car to make it camper friendly. In fact, by 1910, Ambercrombie and Fitch began displaying car camping supplies in the pages of their catalog.

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