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Prodigy Brake Control

Written by James Lyons
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The most advanced electronic brake control device on the market is the Prodigy Brake Control. With similar technology used by the United States military with their guided missles, Prodigy Brake Control uses sensor technology to determine the tow vehicle's rate of deceleration and applies proportional braking. In scientific terms, it's pretty datn neat.

This device also features a "boost" option that enables the driver to apply more braking power, which is especially important when towing bigger trailers. There are a number of other distinct advantages this accessory offers to the active RVer and is something every traveler should consider when equipping their RV. In addition, if you decide to rent an RV, you should consider asking the salesman if the rig comes equipped with one.

Prodigy Brake Control Helped Keep Us Safe

The best memories I have from childhood involve me and my two sisters piling into the mini-van with my parents and trekking off to Angel Fire, New Mexico, to go skiing. Every winter we would rent a small cabin in northern New Mexico and spend a week flailing down the ski slopes, colliding with unsuspecting skiers, singing cheesy songs, nursing our wounds, and sucking down hot chocolates. However, now that I think about it, I remember the twenty-six hour drive being a bit frustrating and tiresome for my parents, and for me.

Before you buy and RV or a travel trailer you should take some things into account. First of all, if you plan on purchasing or renting a trailer, you should understand that towing a rig takes practice and patience. Additionally, trailers tend to maintain their value better than motorhomes because there is no engine to wear down. Finally, equipping your tow vehicle with a proper hitch costs money, from two hundred to six hundred dollars.

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