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Rv Air Conditioners

Written by James Lyons
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If you ever spend anytime along the Gulf of Mexico you understand the need for good air conditioning units. In fact, Houston, Texas is the most air conditioned city in the world and for good reason. Temperatures often reach into the 100s and the humidity usually hovers around 80 percent. These conditions could make life a living hell for RVers who have faulty RV air conditioners.

A majority of RV air conditioners are roof-mounted units with bigger rigs having up to three or four units installed up top. Duo-Therm and Coleman make excellent air conditioners for recreational vehicles. There are a number of different models available so choose the one that offers the most efficiency for your camping needs. Trust me, there is nothing worse than sticking to your RV bedding in the middle of the night.

RV Air Conditioners and RV Vacations

Those RVers who prefer to use their vehicles for vacationing purposes usually resort to smaller, more compact rigs or small pop-up travel trailers that can be hitched to a van, truck, or SUV. The smaller rigs provide vacationers with more flexibility and less strain on the pocketbook. Vacationers are usually willing to sacrifice a little luxury, deciding instead to "rough it" out in nature a bit more than the more dedicated enthusiasts.

If you would like to contact your local Bureau of Land Management office, by all means please do it. They are a wonderful source of information. In your phonebook you can find them under U.S. Government listings. These local offices have the authority to issue camping permits and should have a list of free local and national camping parks.

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