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Rv Awnings

Written by James Lyons
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Lounging under RV awnings on a hot summer day in Galveston, Texas, with the wind whipping off the Gulf Coast and the sun beating down is a wonderful thing. You can enjoy your surroundings and protect yourself from the sun without having to apply a ton of sunblock. RV awnings just add that level of ambiance that says, "Relax man, and have a good time."

There's something so accommodating, so inviting, so relaxing about an awning. If you haven't equipped your RV with one, you might want to consider it. It opens up your options and can save you money by reducing your need for air conditioners and other power-sapping devices. Have a look in an RV supply store and see which ones fit with your RV.

RV Awnings Give the Feeling of Home

Motorhomes are essentially apartments on wheels. Imagine condensing your apartment (or expanding it if you live in Manhattan), adding an engine, and putting it on wheels. Most motorhomes have everything your apartment has-kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, refrigerator, toilet, microwave. In addition to these standard living items, you can move every single day without having to pack.

The days of sitting around the camp-fire trying to get warm before you huddled into your sleeping bag still occur. However, these days, you can huddle around a camp-fire, tell ghost stories, and retire to your warm, heated bedroom aboard your luxury motorhome. Campfires, at one time, were a necessity. The fire was our only means of heat other than our wool sleeping bags. Today, we have more options.

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