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Rv Beds

Written by James Lyons
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So you and your family just spent the entire day hiking, exploring the woods, the mountains, the terrain, the wildlife, taking in the breathtaking views, and you are ready to retire to your RV beds and get some sleep. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Fortunately, in this day and age, RV beds are just as comfortable as the beds in suburban homes and apartments. In fact, my RV bed is better for my back than the one I have at home.

When I used to go on vacations, I always had a hard time sleeping. The hotel mattresses were either too lumpy, too soft, or too firm, not to mention the odor that often emanated from the boxsprings. And I stayed at some nice hotels. The beauty of RVing is that you bring your bed with you so you have no reason not to sleep like a baby, unless, of course, you camp next to a pack of wolves during a full moon

Find Out More About RV Beds from RV Clubs

In fact, RV camping clubs extend back as far as the Tin Can Tourists of the 1920s and 1930s. You might be asking, "What in the heck are Tin Can Tourists?" Well, these people were RVers who trekked across the United States, through all the treacherous terrain and harsh weather conditions, trying to experience the many wonders this great country had to offer. They would camp by the side of the road using gas stoves to heat their food and cold water to bathe their bodies.

The most problematic system in most recreational vehicles is usually the generator. When you purchase a new generator, be sure to read through the maintenance instructions to make sure you are using it in the most efficient possible way. Many RVers abuse the heck out of their generators without realizing it. Treat generators as an investment, not a disposable item you can take for granted. And look for the quiet ones, so you can sleep well in your RV beds.

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