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Rv Club

Written by James Lyons
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Do you belong to an RV club? I'm sure some of you might balk at the idea of joining a club, but these clubs offer special discounts on RV products and accessories and RV parks and campgrounds. New RVers should definitely explore some of the different RV clubs around because they are the best sources of information and support one could ask for.

RV clubs go back as far as the Tin Can Tourists of the 1920s. You may ask, "What in the heck are Tin Can Tourists?" These people were RVers who trekked across the United States, through all the treacherous terrain and harsh weather conditions, trying to experience the many wonders this great country had to offer. They would camp by the side of the road using gas stoves to heat their food and cold water to bathe their bodies.

RV Clubs of Old

Americans have been equipping their cars and trucks with cooking and sleeping facilities ever since the first Model T Ford rolled off the assembly line. In fact, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone and Thomas Edison, used to go on camping excursions together. Before they would hit the road, they would outfit the car with the best camping equipment available at the time. They turned the Model T into an RV.

If you need replacement parts, appliances, truck bed tents or a U-line ice maker, locate and head to your local motorhome supply store or find their domain online. So many new products come out every year for all types of RVs, especially motorhomes. A good motorhome supply place will have all the latest and greatest RV supplies on the market.

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