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Rv Furnace

Written by James Lyons
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Today's RV furnaces are safer and more energy efficient than the older models. Old heaters had that glow we all know about and many had open flames, making them potential fire hazards for the RV. When you purchase a new or used RV furnace, check to see if the design you are interested in has any of these old features that make them safety hazards.

Have you ever rushed in your house during a snowy, bitter-cold day, peeled off the close, stumbled into the bathroom, stepped into the shower and turned it on only to find cold water spitting out at you. This, unfortunately, happened to me many times when I lived in Washington, DC. Getting a cold shower when you are anticipating a nice warm shower is one of the worst feelings in the world.

RV Furnaces and Other RV Essentials

At its most arcane, inhabiting a recreational vehicle-be it with Coleman stoves, an instabed, and SUV tent or with a 48 foot bus conversion-is an exercise in basic survival. If you trek out to the wilderness, you need to make sure you are properly stocked with food, water, propane tanks, and other essential supplies. Even the most luxurious RVs require responsible owners. The house takes care of you and you take care of the house (on wheels).

Many of us like the feeling of home even when we go on vacation. This is why a number of hotel chains use taglines that evoke feelings of home and security. Let's face it-television helps most of us feel at home and still serves as the number one form of entertainment in the country. With today's technology, we can enjoy Mother Nature's many gifts during the day, and retire to our RVs to stay in touch with the news and weekly television programs.

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