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Rv Generators

Written by James Lyons
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Newer model RVs and motorhomes typically come equipped with RV generators. These generators can usually recharge the coach batteries, run an air-conditioning unit, and provide shore power in spite of where you happen to be. When purchasing new or used RV generators, keep in mind that certain generators are loud and could keep you and your RVing neighbors awake at night.

The most problematic system in most recreational vehicles is usually the generator. When you purchase a new generator, be sure to read through the maintenance instructions to make sure you are using it in the most efficient possible way. Many RVers abuse the heck out of their generators without realizing it. Treat generators as an investment, not a disposable item you can take for granted.

The First RV Clubs and the First RV Generators

The first RVing club in the United States was the "Tin Can Tourists" and they were not privy to the generators we have today. They gave themselves the name "tin can" for a very simple reason-the old RVs looked like giant tin cans rolling down the road. In any event, this club was founded in 1919, and by the 1930s, over two hundred thousand men and women populated this club. RVing was and remains to be a way of life for many Americans.

A number of vacationers decide to rent RVs every year to avoid the disadvantages of owning one-large monthly payments, repairs, storage, etc. Also, many potential buyers first decide to rent a rig and do a little traveling to see if RVing is the type of thing that is compatible with their needs. Most of us who still work nine to five jobs don't have the time to maintain an RV, so we rent one when we have some time off and trek across the American landscape.

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