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Rv Lights

Written by James Lyons
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A number of RV lights and RV light fixtures rival the fixtures one might find in a luxurious home. In fact, many of these fixtures-RV patio lights, RV awning lights, and RV interior lights-are the same designs one can find for their house or apartment. When you decide to spend some time on the road, nothing can be more frustrating than poor lighting; it can really ruin a trip.

You should always keep spare RV lights in storage when you vacation or if you're a full-timer. I learned this lesson the hard way the first time I went across the country in my RV. In the middle of Arizona, the third day of our vacation, my patio light went out and one of my interior lights went out (I had a used rig). Needless to say, we never made that mistake again.

RV History and RV Lights

Following World War II, the RV industry boomed (and so did babies) as Americans headed out on to the open road. Americans were marrying their high school sweethearts, buying homes, investing their money, having babies, and traveling across the country. From miniature do-it-yourself kits to lavish models 29-feet long, these "travel trailers" were truly recognized as Recreational Vehicles by 1950.

The later RV models really put an emphasis on lighting. While the earlier models focused more on the essentials, the later models began incorporating more amenities so travelers could feel even more at home when they were on the road. Lighting and light fixture designs for RVs quickly became a priority as more and more people were dedicating their lives to the open road.

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