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Rv Range

Written by James Lyons
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Home on the RV range, where the deer and the antelope and the steak and the chicken and the vegetables get cooked. I apologize for the hideous butchering of that song. Do you need a new RV range? I don't know. I do know that the latest designs are quieter, safer, and easier to clean than ever before and still off the same performance as the traditional home units.

I like to eat. Actually, I enjoy eating as much or more than anything else in the world. Fortunately, I also enjoy exercise and other activities that burn calories. When we installed a great RV range in our motorhome, I knew my waistline was in trouble. All the convenience of our home kitchen would be with us the whole time

Even the Smaller Rigs Can Support an RV Range

Those RVers who prefer to use their vehicles for vacationing purposes usually resort to smaller, more compact rigs or small pop-up travel trailers that can be hitched to a van, truck, or SUV. The smaller rigs provide vacationers with more flexibility and less strain on the pocketbook. Vacationers are usually willing to sacrifice a little luxury, deciding instead to "rough it" out in nature a bit more than the more dedicated enthusiasts.

Most of the initial recreational vehicles were trailers and their inception closely followed the birth of the automobile. Vacationers wanted a viable option to choose from other than cabins, hotels, and motels. Over time, these trailers saved their owners money and time, even though they had to sacrifice a little luxury. The first line of recreational vehicles were not equipped with sewage systems and instabeds, so many of the camps provided toilets and showers.

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