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Suburban Furnace

Written by James Lyons
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If your current RV furnace is too loud, sapping up power or energy, or simply does not work well, take a look at Suburban Furnaces. The premixed air and gas combination is regulated perfectly. The warm air discharges from both the bottom and the sides filling the cabin quickly and quietly. These beautifully designed furnaces do not waste gas because it contains an electronic ignition with sealed forced draft combustion.

Keeping warm is not only healthy, it's vital to the success of a vacation, especially if you have decided to explore the Rocky Mountains or the Pacific Northwest. You need an RV furnace that will not consume all your gas or battery power, one that works efficiently and quietly, one that is not a potential fire hazard. If that seems like a tall order, fortunately, it isn't. Suburban furnaces do the job perfectly.

Would I Need A Suburban Furnace Year Round?

Most places, even the dessert, get cool at night, even during the brutal summer months. Most RVs don't have the same insulation as a normal house or apartment building so they are a bit more susceptible to the environment. Basically, you can freeze your tail off if you don't have an excellent heater or furnace to maintain a cozy internal environment.

For those RVers who are on a tight budget and would love to find a scenic, accommodating RV camp that's free, I am here to tell you that such places exist. Yes, you read correctly; you can stay in certain places for free. Quartzite, Arizona, which is near Lake Havasu, and coastal areas in Mexico offer free areas for campers to settle down and enjoy themselves.

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