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Suburban Water Heaters

Written by James Lyons
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Suburban water heaters have porcelain-lined steel tanks with anode rods that soak up the caustic tendency of hot water. These water heaters also come equipped with thermostats that allow you to safely regulate what's going on. They are simple to install, operate and maintain and function with incredible efficiency. Suburban water heaters are among the most popular on the market for good reason.

When you are hiking up in the Rocky Mountains around during the early spring months, you will appreciate the value of a good water heater and a good RV heater. Even in late March, April, and May, the Rocky Mountains get pretty cold at night and you could be in for a frigid stay if you fail to maintain your heaters. Make sure to pick one up that's easy to install and manage, one that will last you a while.

Things You Should Look at in Addition to Suburban Water Heaters

Long RVs and Short RVs serve different people with different preferences and different budgets. Those travelers who like to hit the sites out in the wild or in national parks will find the shorter RVs to be more accommodating to their needs (many of these places have restriction on RVs over a certain length). The longer rigs, however, usually provide their owners with more luxury and more self-sufficiency than the smaller rigs.

In addition, make sure you pick up some roof vent covers and air conditioner shrouds. I am a big proponent of covers and guards because campers and rigs are subjected to elements that other automobiles and equipment aren't exposed to. For this reason, these items are important because they will prolong the life of your RV parts and supplies.

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