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Suv Tent

Written by James Lyons
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If you purchase an SUV tent, you will be able to convert your SUV or minivan into a camper in a matter of minutes. It really is very simple. Good SUV tents can be stores behind a seat and are secure enough to allow the driver to drive around while the tent remains erect. It's an excellent, inexpensive, fun option for those looking to spend a night or two outdoors.

The Class C motorhomes are usually smaller and easier on the checkbook than the more luxurious Class A models. Essentially, the definition of a Class C motorhome is a motorhome that has a RV body mounted on top of a normal vehicle chasis. They look like stretched out vans or trucks and there is often an extended sleeping area mounted over the driving area.

Camp in Beautiful Areas for Free Using Your SUV Tent

The Bureau of Land Management monitors and administers over 270 million acres of land, and these areas are often available to camp on for free. If you want to stay for two weeks, most likely you can camp out for free and if you wish to stay longer, you can purchase a permit for a nominal price. All the scenic states have recreational areas administered by the Bureau of Land Management.

If you would like to contact your local Bureau of Land Management office, by all means please do it. They are a wonderful source of information. In your phonebook you can find them under U.S. Government listings. These local offices have the authority to issue camping permits and should have a list of free local and national camping parks.

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