Academic Computer Camps

Written by Michael Federico
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There are large numbers of American children who spend the majority of their time in front of a computer screen. In fact, parents and politicians alike have become concerned. They say that kids are not exercising or interacting with others enough. This concern is not wholly unfounded, as computer games have, for many, taken the place of actual games.

Despite these concerns, there is no question that having in-depth knowledge of computers is a major requirement for many of the best jobs available today. Kids growing up with computers will have a head start when they get out of school over those who do not. Academic computer camps understand both the benefits and drawbacks of spending time in cyberspace. The best camps give kids a chance to really explore the technology and hone the skills that are needed to succeed in the tech industry. However, they also make sure that campers spend time outside in the summer sun, getting exercise and meeting new people.

Academic Computer Camp Courses

Computer programming jobs are some of the most highly sought after in the world. Academic camps let kids of different ages start from the ground up. They will work with a common programming language like Microsoft C++, and they will learn basics by creating a standard application. They will also learn about variables, loops, and much more. Advanced campers can explore arrays, pointers, debugging, and other advanced programming techniques.

Most camps also offer classes in Flash animation, digital photography and graphics, and robotics. While most academic camps are not designed for game playing, there are often game design classes. Needless to say, these classes are often camper favorites.

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