Camp Trips

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Some children attend summer camp for one or two weeks at a time and many camps are set up to offer these short sessions throughout the summer. More traditional camps offer longer stays, often from four to eight weeks. Camp property may be equipped with state of the art playing fields, crafts buildings, and a stunning waterfront, but a whole summer in one space can make any camper slightly stir-crazy.

For this reason, most summer camps give the opportunity for off-camp trips. Experiences can range from attending a local circus performance or baseball game to camping on the side of a mountain. Trips can last for an afternoon or for a few days and are often the highlight of the summer for campers.

A Canoe Challenge

One example of a popular off-site trip is a canoeing adventure. Most camps have a fleet of canoes and campers can learn boating basics in their daily activities. These basics are then put to the test on a three or four day trip. Campers chart their course, plan meals before leaving, pack their own food and luggage and are always accompanied by trained counselors.

Before embarking on an adventure, campers are required to pass a certain amount of safety and skill tests. This helps to ensure that they know what to do in the event of any emergency. During the trip, campers will be challenged to paddle for many miles, determine suitable places to camp and set up campsites. These types of challenges are wonderful ways to foster a sense of independence and accomplishment. Some camps may even offer similar sailing challenges, for the ultimate experience.

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