Camp Websites

Written by Rebecca Russell
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For many adults who were lucky enough to attend, summer camp was an amazing experience. Whether they hiked or biked, performed on stage or simply learned to swim, summer camp offers great memories and friendships that can last a lifetime. Up until a few years ago, summer camps mainly advertised themselves through glossy brochures. With the increasing popularity of the Internet, however, summer camps can now be marketed in all kinds of new and interesting ways.

Camps on the Internet

The most important element of a camp website is photographs. Through pictures, a parent can easily see the condition of the grounds and the buildings, as well as get a sense of what sorts of activities the camp offers. A good website will be thorough in its explanation of the camp and the facilities. It will also give parents a good idea of the camp history, size and reputation.

Another important part of a camp website is ample information about the camp director. A good camp will be sure to list the director's credentials and experience. It is helpful for parents to see these details, which can help them make informed decisions about the quality of the camp and how it is run. Camp websites should have contact information that is easily attainable for any further questions that a parent may have.

Many modern camps now have special pages for past campers, which include photos and email addresses. Many camps also provide an online newsletter giving information about the upcoming summer. These pages are a great way for campers to keep in contact with one another throughout the school year. It also gives them a special place to go and relive all their great summer memories through photos.

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