Camps With Biking

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Spending long summer days experiencing nature from the seat of a bicycle is a clear vision of heaven for many people. With special varieties suitable for mountain terrain or flat road, a bicycle is a great vehicle for exploration and exercise. Bikes are easily transportable, as well, which comes in handy when exploring places that may be farther away from home base.

Biking at Summer Camp

Many summer camp programs offer biking as an activity, which can be a great option for campers who enjoy cycling at home. It gives them a chance to ride on unfamiliar ground, which can be very exciting, and may give them the opportunity to challenge themselves in ways that they may not have imagined. Campers are often encouraged to bring their own bicycles so that they will not have to use unfamiliar equipment.

Even if your child plans upon doing a fair amount of biking at camp, do not feel as though you must outfit them with the most expensive or professional bike. A good bicycle store will tell you what sort to purchase in your price range or help you to update what you may already own. They can also offer suggestions about the best type of safety equipment for biking on trails and hills.

Before you go shopping, it is a good idea to take the time to speak with a camp representative about the kind of terrain your child will be riding on and their recommendations on equipment. This will give you a fairly good list of details to take with you to the bike shop. Additionally, many summer camps have a certain amount of bicycles in house that campers can use for shorter trips when staying close to the camp property. The camp may also have programs where bikes can be rented on longer trips, which may be more cost effective than purchasing or updating an existing bicycle.

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