Camps With Golf

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Golf is a sport that many find extraordinarily enjoyable. It can be played at almost any age, at a variety of levels, and shared by friends and families alike. Particularly for adults, the golf course can be a place of social and business interactions. Early exposure to golf can be a great gift to give a young man or woman.

The best time to play golf is in the late spring and summer. This makes summer camp a wonderful place for children and teens to learn the game, and many summer camps provide quality golf instruction for those that are interested. In some cases golfing is limited to driving ranges or open fields on the camp grounds. While this can be helpful for beginning golfers, those who are more experienced or more interested in learning the actual game will benefit from a camp program that can offer access to actual golf courses.

Choosing a Summer Golf Program

When looking into summer camp programs that offer golf, be sure to conduct diligent research to ensure that your child gets the best possible golfing experience. In many cases, camps say that they offer golf, but the program is little more than a few clubs and a volunteer instructor. For a truly effective program, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The camp should provide transportation to nearby golf courses. This will help to give your child the experience of playing an actual golf game. Some camps even hire or have connections with PGA professionals who can help to give instruction to each young golfer. Working with a professional will be a wonderful experience and one your child will appreciate for many years.

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