Camps With Rocketry

Written by Rebecca Russell
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One of the most exciting parts of summer camp is the ability to invest time and energy into any activity. During the school year, most children are pulled in a variety of different directions, from coursework to extracurricular activities, and the luxury of time is one not easily afforded. Summer brings longer days and less responsibility, allowing kids to focus on some truly interesting projects.

Certain summer camp programs give campers the opportunity to learn about rocketry. Model rocket building is not only fun, but also a great way for kids to learn about physics and gravity, without even realizing it! For the child who loves to tinker with objects or take electronics apart and put them back together, model rocketry is a wonderful pastime.

The Art of Rocketry

Model rockets are made from cardboard tubes. Their aerodynamic accessories (fins and nose cones) are made of either plastic or balsa wood. Each is equipped with a plastic parachute that will open upon descent, allowing the model to drift slowly and safely to the ground at the end of its flight. Rockets can be decorated with special decals or painted to the liking of each student. Designing a rocket is also a great way to learn about aerodynamics and how they affect flight.

The most important part of rocketry is to respect that it can be slightly dangerous if all safety precautions are not taken. Campers should be instructed to respect their models and should never launch them without adult supervision. This should be done only on a day with little wind, and all campers should stand a safe distance from the rocket. Camp programs can put together a launch pad and invite the whole camp to come and witness the launching of the model rockets.

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