Camps With Scuba

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Summer is the perfect time to learn and perfect new skills. Modern summer camps are beginning to add new and different activity choices to help round out the more traditional offerings. These days, arts and crafts include pottery studios, sports include roller hockey and rock climbing, and water activities have been expanded in some cases to include windsurfing and SCUBA diving.

SCUBA diving, in particular, is one of the more exciting programs that kids can take advantage of in the summer. It is a skill that be taken out of the camp environment and, for those that develop a true passion, it can lead to all sorts of exciting careers. SCUBA, as many know, stands for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Divers are fitted with special oxygen tanks and breathing tubes that allow them to spend hours underwater exploring all manner of marine life.

Recognizing Good SCUBA Training

Learning to dive, however, takes a lot of practice and requires a great deal of training. As diving can be a dangerous sport if not done correctly, it is very important that the camp program is reputable and overseen by a trained professional. Before children start a SCUBA class, there are a few things that parents should look for to ensure their safety.

A good program instructor should have proper certification. One of the most reputable organizations is NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors). NAUI's main purpose is to carefully train diving instructors on diving safety as well as preservation of the fragile underwater environments. If the camp instructor is certified by NAUI, you can feel comfortable sending your child through the SCUBA program. Additionally, programs should include proper classroom training as well as supervised open water diving. Finally, it is worthwhile to look for camp programs that offer certification upon completion of SCUBA classes so that your child can continue to enjoy his new skill for years to come.

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