Camps With Tubing

Written by Rebecca Russell
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When situated on a lake or pond, many summer camps may find it beneficial to own a motorboat. Motorboats are particularly helpful if the camp has a large boating program with sailboats. Often, the wind on a lake is unreliable and there may be times when beginner sailors will get stuck in the middle of a lake and need to be towed back in.

Motorboats are also a great way to enhance the water activities in a camp. One of the greatest activities I can remember at summer camp was tubing. An inner tube with handles was attached to a rope and dragged at high speeds behind a motor boat while the tube rider held on and had the time of his or her life. Tubing appeals to many, since it does not require skill or practice like water-skiing. The only rule for tubing is to have a strong grip!

Most camps have tubes that are suitable for single riders. They are generally overlaid with a water-friendly material, which covers the gaping hole in the middle and will make riders feel more secure. Camps may also choose to purchase tubes made for two or more riders. These are perfect for camps where tubing is popular and may cut down on lines and waiting times.

The Importance of Wearing Life Jackets

Ask anyone who has been tubing and they will likely tell you that the scariest part is falling off of the tube. Because of the high speeds, the inevitable waves from the boat and the loss of grip due to wet hands, almost everyone will fall off of a tube at least once. Therefore, it is imperative that each rider wears a PFD (personal floatation device or life jacket). Falling off of a tube leaves you disoriented and not knowing which way is up. A PFD will bring you automatically to the surface and will keep you from staying underwater for any lengthy amount of time.

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