Camps With Wakeboarding

Written by Rebecca Russell
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For many, the best part of summer camp is the time spent in and around the water. While personal pools are becoming more prevalent, particularly in warmer climates, the chance to spend days by stunning, natural bodies of water is sometimes rare. Lakes are one of the most common sites for vacations and camping due to the variety of activities that can take place on the calmer waters.

Summer camps, in particular, tend to be built on the shores of lakes. This allows each camp to offer a plethora of water sports that will thrill almost every camper. One of the most exciting activities for campers is wakeboarding. Wakeboarding is similar to water-skiing. The difference is that with water skis, you place your feet on two separate skis. With wakeboarding, you place both feet on what looks like a very short and wide surfboard.

Wakeboards are pulled behind a fast-moving motor boat, and the individual stands and is towed behind the boat. The challenge is keeping balance on the board and as each rider improves, there are special maneuvers and techniques that can be performed. Wakeboarding is a great addition to any summer camp program.

Wakeboarding Safety

As with any water sport, it is very important that all safety rules be followed. Because individuals are towed behind fast-moving boats, there are definite opportunities for accidents. These can be prevented with some easy safety rules. First, there should be a person riding in the back of the boat who has the sole responsibility of looking out for the wakeboarder. If the wakeboarder lets go of the rope or falls into the water, the person on the boat must communicate this to the boat driver. Additionally, all boat passengers and the wakeboarder must wear life jackets, which will prevent drowning in any major emergency.

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