Camps With Waterfronts

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Activities that are most commonly associated with summer tend to revolve around the water. Bright sun and hot temperatures take their toll on the human body and the urge to float in cool water is often overpowering. Summer camps, in particular, are almost always built on a body of water. With children constantly running from activity to activity, waterfront access is almost a necessity.

Waterfronts are wonderful, versatile facilities for summer camps. Aside from the obvious swimming and boating, they are great areas to hold cookouts and fireside sing-alongs. And, as many people will agree, there is no better place to watch the sun set and the stars come out than on a dock or a beach by a lake or the ocean.

Some of the most exciting camps offer scuba diving opportunities and lessons on their waterfront. This is a great skill for kids to learn, and camps with certified instructors are certainly worth a second look. Other common activities include sailing, swimming, tubing, and water skiing.

Waterfront Safety

Camps with waterfronts should be careful to staff them properly. There should be adequate lifeguard support and each guard should have training for natural bodies of water (i.e. lakes or ponds). This is important since most lifeguard training takes place in pools where the bottom is easily seen and the area is enclosed. There are different techniques for rescue in a lake where water is deeper and visibility is greatly reduced.

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