Camps With Windsurfing

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Many summer camp programs allow children to attend from the ages of six up through their teen years. Many campers will want to return, year after year if summer camp is something they enjoy. One of the great parts of summer camp is the ability to improve upon skills each summer. For instance, if a camper were able to run from one end of camp to the other in a certain period of time, that camper would do his best to beat that time the next summer.

This improvement is built into certain camp activities, most notably swimming lessons. A number of camps require that each camper take mandatory swim lessons until they have sufficiently passed each level. Once all swimming levels are passed, the camp will generally offer other water sports, such as boating, for enjoyment. This ensures a level of safety since campers will need to be strong swimmers if they happen to capsize a boat in deeper waters.

One water sport offered by many camps is windsurfing. Windsurfing is a fun sport that can be done on almost any body of water. It can be slightly difficult to learn at first, but once the techniques are mastered, it becomes fairly simple. If windsurfing is an activity option, camps will hire a windsurfing instructor and should have a fair amount of beginner equipment.

The Basics of Windsurfing Lessons

Most windsurfing lessons will begin on land with the instructor teaching the correct ways to paddle, stand on the board and control the sail. This will help beginners to get a sense of the weight of the sail, which is often heavier than most people expect. Lessons will then move to a protected area of water where beginners can practice balance and controlling the sail in the wind, without worrying about going out too far in the water. Once campers get the hang of windsurfing, and the instructor is confident that they have sufficiently passed all safety tests, they can spend the rest of the summer enjoying the fabulous feeling of flying across the water.

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