Computer Courses For Kids

Written by Michael Federico
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It is widely believed that to make it in the job market of the future, people will have to have more than a basic knowledge of computers. Even now, many people cannot find work because they do not know their way around a Mac or a PC. This situation has led many adults to seek out computer courses for their children, hoping that the knowledge the kids receive now will help them in the future.

Many American schools do offer computer courses. Unfortunately, though, not all schools have the same access to the latest technology. Even schools that do have the finest computers offer very limited classes, teaching kids what they need to know to succeed in a business setting, but not teaching them what they would need to know to succeed in the technology field. There are a number of computer camps that have sprung up to fill in the gaps that exist in most school computer courses.

Computer Camp Courses

There are camps that focus primarily on the basics. These camps are generally community-based, and campers go to a school or library each day for a week or two. These camps will usually familiarize kids with programs like Word and Excel, and it will give students a chance to use the Internet.

There are also camps that feature far more advanced courses. These camps are usually for those kids who are already computer enthusiasts. Many camps allow kids to stay on a college campus for several weeks, learning programming, design, and editing techniques that are not covered at most schools.

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