Computer Education For Kids

Written by Michael Federico
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Sometime during the '80s or '90s, kids began to work on computers in the classroom. Those who went through school when this first started generally worked on the most basic computers, learning to type and, if they were lucky, leading pioneers across the Oregon Trail. This generation (and a few people from the one before) would be integral in bringing about the tech boom.

Children who are going through school today would most likely look back on those early computer classes and laugh. There are, at this time, 11 and 12 year olds who know far more about computers than most people who are twice and three times their age. Schools that have computer courses are giving kids a chance to work with the latest programs and they are teaching kids how to do far more than just type. Hopefully, that Oregon Trail game is still out there, though.

Computer Camps for Kids

Computer camps offer another educational outlet for students. Those who work on a computer on a daily basis can learn advanced techniques in programming, Flash animation, game design, and more. Kids who do not have access to a computer regularly can find camps that will give them a chance to learn both basic and more complex computer functions.

The majority of camps feature highly skilled, highly trained counselors. They have experience in the field of computers and they have experience working with kids. Camps also offer children an opportunity to learn while enjoying themselves, which unfortunately is not always the case in school. It also allows them to meet others in their age group who share similar interests.

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