Written by Michael Federico
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Cybercamps can be found in states all over the country. They are generally set up as summer camps that give kids who are into computers the chance to come together for an experience that is both educational and fun. Campers will generally have access to technology that they don't usually get to work with. However, most camps stress the fact that they are camps and not schools. Kids will get to go outside, play sports, perform skits, and spend time meeting their fellow campers.

There are cybercamps for adults, as well. However, these focus on the cyber aspect as opposed to the camp aspect. Companies can send employees to retreats or workshops where they will be taught how to use certain software. This can be cheaper than bringing in a specialist to teach an entire office to use technology that many of them will never have to work with.

Cybercamps on the Internet

There are a number of online camps available for people of all ages. Some are set up specifically to introduce very young children to computer technology. There are also online camps that can quickly teach people to use basic programs like MS Word and Excel. Some of these programs take about a week to complete, while others can be worked through over the course of a day.

Whether a businessperson needs to learn something for work or a child wants to learn the basics of game design, there are cybercamps that will fit their needs. There are also some camps designed specifically for people who are about to enter the job market. In a short time, they can pick up the skills that are quickly becoming required by the majority of employers.

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