High School Student Travel

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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High school student travel programs are perfect for kids looking to make a breakthrough in their self-confidence and expose themselves to new cultures. Many parents would like to send their children abroad but are concerned about the academic rigor of most exchange programs. Indeed, many times students seek out an exotic destination, then spend an academic semester (or year) frittering it away by just having fun. That can cause problems when it's time to show colleges that all the right prerequisites have been completed.

Summer adventure camps, however, also give students those same opportunities to see the world, explore their interests, and try new activities otherwise unavailable to them at home. The great thing about these high school student travel programs is that they're not a full semester--just a month or two of great fun, experiential learning, and lasting friendships. In a matter of weeks, your son or daughter will learn to pilot a ship, dock in harbor, chart a navigational course... and that's just the beginning.

Benefits of High School Student Travel Programs

Aside from all the great on-board experience, students receive a remarkable education in history, geology, botany, zoology, and other disciplines. An expert staff of instructors and tour guides ensures that every activity is meaningful by giving it a greater context. Whether it's at the Coliseum in Rome or the Darwin Research Center in Puerto Ayora, your child will be amazed at how much more interesting learning can be when it's done in the global classroom.

Most of all, teen adventure trips are the most fun your son or daughter is likely to have. With as few as 30 or as many as 150 fellow shipmates, your teen will be a part of a positive and productive community that includes students from Africa, Asia, South America, and Australia. Don't be surprised if your young explorer returns home boasting a familiarity with Italian, Russian, or Mandarin. Try getting that at your local sports camp!

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