Kids Summer Camp

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Many working adults reminisce about the wonder of the academic schedule. From September to June there was work to be done, books to read and papers to write. But the reward, year after year, was three months of free time and long, unplanned days.

These days, for many parents, the idea of having children home all day long without supervision or activities is a difficult one to swallow. Particularly for younger children, staying home alone is just not an option. Households that need two incomes are burdened with the task of finding a suitable program for their children to attend, since the option of a hiring a babysitter for each day is costly and not beneficial to the child.

Summer Programs for Kids

Summer camp is usually the best way to ensure that children get the most out of their time away from the classroom. Summer camp programs for younger children are generally filled with activities that build confidence and teach life skills. Additionally, many camps reinforce educational lessons learned during the school year. These lessons can help children bridge the gap between school years and keep their minds active.

Summer camp is also a great place for children to work on their social skills and interaction. Campers who may be shy at first will often find that they establish friendships within their cabins, which can help them to overcome any timid behaviors. In the experience of many counselors, the quietest child generally morphs into the loudest by the end of a good camp experience.

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