Marine Biology Camps

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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If your child is scientifically-minded and looking for a summer adventure, marine biology camps might be the ideal fit. There are programs worldwide that give ambitious students a first-hand look at some of the most beautiful and exotic marine life in the world. Your son or daughter will come back from the summer even more inquisitive and knowledgeable than before, and may even choose to follow a career path in marine biology.

From the tropical corals of Muskmelon Bay to the the dolphin pods of Passe Papai, a whole underwater adventure awaits. Kids have the opportunity to swim alongside manta rays and parrotfish or scuba dive through 300-year-old wrecks. And with a great staff of instructors on hand, your young biologist will have a context for his or her daily lessons in ecosystems, zoology, geology, and other related fields.

More than Just Marine Biology Camps

There's so much more to your teenager's summer adventure than just the classroom lessons. For weeks your child will live among international students and learn about their respective cultures. Teens from Asia, Africa, South America, and Australia live side-by-side on a yacht or a dinghy, making their discoveries together and sharing their insights. Your child will work hard, but will play even harder, whether it's by waterskiing, snorkeling, or windsurfing.

When it's time for your world traveler to come back ashore, you'll be amazed at the maturity he or she has gained. Most students who attend marine biology camps or other teen travel programs leap ahead of their peers when it comes to self-confidence and self-sufficiency, as teachers and coaches commonly note. Those intangibles, along with a summer full of great memories, will be theirs to take with them once the island-hopping is over.

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