New England Summer Camps

Written by Rebecca Russell
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The quintessential image of a summer camp typically involves a sparkling lake, elegant pine trees stretching overhead, warm sunny days and cool nights by a campfire. These days, the best place to find that kind of atmosphere is New England. Summers in the northeastern part of America have the perfect atmosphere and weather for camps--including a few rainy days for variety.

New England also has the natural variance of landscape and geography. Oceans, mountains and/or sprawling green fields are either a walk or short drive away, no matter where you are in New England. As a result, outdoor activities can abound, and you can spend an entire summer and never explore the same trail twice!

Qualities of a New England Summer Camp

A good summer camp will take advantage of all that New England has to offer. Most are situated on one of the many natural or man-made lakes in the area. These lakes are the perfect place to swim, sail, canoe or just relax on a floating dock. For special trips, camps can plan outings to the coast for sea and sand adventures. Additionally, for those camps that offer hiking trips, portions of the Appalachian Trail can be traversed, offering a wonderful experience.

Summer camps in New England are often rich in tradition. In fact, some of the oldest camps in the country are in New England. Camps that have been in existence for over 50 years have a special quality, as though each camper is a part of history. These are the camps that have housed different generations from the same families and that will continue to run for many years to come.

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