Northeast Summer Camps

Written by Rebecca Russell
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There is something special about Northeast America. Perhaps it holds fascination for some because of its rich, colonial history. For others, wonder springs from the fact that one can drive a few hours and see mountains, valleys and the ocean all in one day. Whatever the reason, it is hard to argue with the beautiful natural scenery that one encounters when traveling through the Northeast.

Benefits of Northeast Summer Camps

Summer camps, in particular, are abundant throughout this particular part of the country, offering campers various ways to experience nature's sights and sounds, both during the day and at night. Bike trails and hiking trails abound, through deciduous forests and along sandy beaches. There are numerous lakes and rivers to swim in and wildlife to observe, from squirrel holes to beaver dams.

Hiking is a particularly popular summer camp activity and there are many mountain ranges to explore across the country. In the western US, the mountains are quite large and take a long time to climb. Often, a day trip requires special equipment and will take the whole day. While these mountains are magnificent, there is something truly special about the ranges in the Northeast. The mountains in the Northeast are older, which makes them not quite as high and daunting. Chances are, if a hike starts in the morning, the trip will be over by mid-afternoon, including a picnic lunch.

Depending upon where the summer camp is located, there are all kinds of interesting and historical day trips that can be taken. New England, especially, has all kinds of forts left over from the Revolutionary War. These forts are wonderful places to explore and help to give campers a lesson in history that they may not get in school.

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