Outdoor Summer Camps

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Inner peace is captured in many different ways. For many, there is great comfort that comes from being in the quiet of nature, which brings a sense of calm and peace. The need to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life is very strong in a large group of people. Sometimes it only takes a quiet evening in the woods or by a lake to erase weeks of noise and stress.

While we generally associate stress with adults, a great many children and teens have much to make them worried or anxious. The plain truth of this day and age is that there are many demands placed on young men and women and often they need a calm place to think and sort out their emotions. One of the best places and times for this self-discovery is at summer camp.

Summer in the Great Outdoors

Many summer camps put together wonderful programs designed, in particular, for older campers. These outings often involve sleeping outside in tents or, if the night is clear, under the stars. Campers are often given the opportunity to take overnight trips or mountain hikes. These trips are designed to help campers work together towards a common goal in an unfamiliar environment. Additionally, experiencing the outdoors is often a wonderful way to allow the mind to clear and put worries into perspective.

Some children simply need to run around in the warmth of the outdoors to let out their stress. Camps that offer a variety of sports are excellent for this. Between soccer, hockey, golf, sailing, and tennis, campers can build on their skills and develop more confidence. No matter what your child's interests are, there is likely to be a camp that can cater to their desires.

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