Overnight Computer Camps

Written by Michael Federico
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Children all over the country wait with bated breath for that final school bell of the year to ring out. They imagine spending their summers doing whatever they like, not having to worry about math or reading homework for at least a couple of months. Many kids even have visions of leaving home and heading off to camp for the summer where they can meet people their age from different places and participate in activities that they find interesting.

There are a number of camps that allow children and teens to explore their favorite pastimes in depth. There are sports camps, theatre camps, computer camps, and much more. Many of these programs take place on college campuses, giving kids a chance to spend a week or more away from home.

The Benefits of Overnight Computer Camps

It is possible to find computer camps that just take place during the day. Many of these programs offer hands-on training and a camp atmosphere. However, overnight camps usually allow a child more time to work on special projects related to the computer field of his choice. He might have the chance to create a digital photography portfolio, or even design his own computer game.

Overnight camps also let kids enjoy the full camp experience. All their time will not be spent in the lab. There are functions that let the campers spend time outside, and there are activities designed to let the campers get to know each other better. Overnight camps also allow the kids to stay in college dorms and explore university facilities.

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