Overnight Summer Camps

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Most children develop socially by associating with large groups of their peers. Group activities, team-building exercises and team sports are great ways to expose children to the rules of life--all in the name of fun. One of the best ways to help children develop a good set of social skills is to give them the experience of overnight summer camp.

The Benefits of Summer Camp

Camps are wonderful places for young children to grow and discover new and exciting things about themselves and the world. Often, overnight camps employ staff from many different countries as well as from different parts of the United States. Campers' eyes are opened to new cultures as they are exposed to people who speak, think, and act differently than they do. These learning experiences are a very important part of growing up and becoming socially adjusted.

Many camps span the whole summer--generally eight full weeks--but spending even just one week away from home can help children to gain a sense of independence. Even if children become slightly homesick, there are often others who are experiencing the same sorts of feelings and emotions. Bonding with other campers over missing home, as well as simply sticking with the program, can help children to develop pride and a true feeling of accomplishment.

Overnight camps also allow children to establish lasting friendships. Shared experiences are the bedrock of friendship longevity. There is nothing like staying up late with your fellow bunkmates, sharing stories and planning fun activities for the next day. These types of experiences allow kids to bond with each other and result in wonderful memories for years to come.

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