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Written by Rebecca Russell
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Summer camps offer fun, friendship and lasting memories to campers from June to September. At the end of each summer, camp directors and owners wave good-bye to the last child and begin the process of making the grounds and buildings ready for the fall and winter months. Contrary to popular belief, most summer camps are thriving businesses year-round, providing a myriad of options for various large group events

Summer Camp in the Off-Season

If your company is planning a large business retreat, consider hosting it at a nearby summer camp. Camps generally have a large main hall that can be heated for cooler weather. These halls have ample seating, are often equipped with sound systems and are great places to hold lectures and conferences. Additionally, the change in environment is a wonderful way to encourage your employees to think creatively about business solutions.

Another great use of a summer camp in the off season is for student retreats. Particularly with high school students, there are often weekend retreats to encourage team-building and leadership abilities. High school choirs often hold retreats to do intensive work on music and sound blend, and sports teams often go away for a weekend to intensify team spirit and work on basic skills. Camps provide a great environment for these retreats.

There are even those who choose to hold their weddings on summer camp grounds. Generally, those who choose this option are alumni of the camp or individuals who truly enjoy the outdoors. It can be a wonderfully affordable option, however, since most summer camps can offer affordable package deals, which include cabins to sleep in, bathing facilities, and kitchens that are equipped to prepare food for large amounts of people. Additionally, a summer camp wedding will be one that your friends and family will never forget.

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